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Sex, Lies, and Circumcisions

The most bizarre Bris I’ve ever had started as they all do, with a phone call. The voice on the other line introduced himself as Ralph (all of the names in this story have been changed) and simply asked: “Do you come to Tel Aviv to do Britot?” I answered, “Yes”. He told me that he needed a Mohel for this coming Thursday. I told him that sounded fine and that if he wanted to move the process forward he needed to fill out a registration form that he could download from my website. That’s when things began to get strange. He said, “I don’t have internet.” Now this is certainly possible, even in our over-connected age, but something was off. I replied, “Then how did you find me?” I only advertise online and I’m pretty sure my word of mouth recommendations haven’t yet made it to Tel Aviv. He backtracked, “I only have internet on my phone.” I couldn’t really argue with that because my form is an excel file and you can’t download it on a phone. So I filled out the form for him as he told me all the information over the phone. The conversation ended with an agreement to speak the next day.

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