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Rav Hayim Leiter

  Certified Mohel

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Rav Hayim Leiter

Serving as a mohel in Israel is an honor that I take pride in every day. After making Aliyah in 2007 to Jerusalem and then Efrat , and learning Brit Milah from two doctors, I’ve worked tirelessly to create the safest and most meaningful Britot possible – all over the world. There are many talented mohalim, each of whom brings his own strengths to our age-old tradition. As for me, my main concern is you and your family.

From the preparations for the Brit Milah to the aftercare I accompany the family through the experience, alleviating any fears and concerns that may arise. Beyond the emotional support, I am also deeply committed to providing the safest, quickest, and most painless Bris possible. I use only the most sterile and hygienic methods and the recovery time tends to be shorter.


Additionally, I believe that your experience should be deeply meaningful and focused solely on you and your family. The ceremony will be what you want it to be. It will be set at your pace and it will feature the family members you choose.


Your son's Brit Milah is not just my job; it is also my number one priority, my passion, and my dedication to each family.

Rav Hayim was friendly, accessible and professional throughout the entire process. Although it's second nature for him, it was our first time doing a brit, and he answered every question with abundant patience and respect for the fact that it was new and nerve-wracking to us at points. He came to the hospital to meet us, explain, and check the baby. He came again to take off the bandage and again after a week to check that everything was healing properly. He was available via phone and Whatsapp for any question at any time, including sending pictures if we had questions about the healing. His website was also really helpful for FAQs and other resources. For the brit itself, he was on time and organized, and also made it all about us and what worked for us. He led beautiful nigunim throughout the ceremony and all went as quickly and smoothly as we felt was possible. We would definitely recommend him.

Diane Be'ery

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