Rav Hayim Leiter

  Certified Mohel

Post Care

What to expect

01 The main concern after a Brit Milah is bleeding. The definition of bleeding is deep, dark red, wet blood in the baby’s diaper, covering the circumference of about 2 inches (the opening of a large drinking glass). If this happens, call me on my cell phone right away, anytime. My number again is 054-735-2408

Keep in mind, the first few times your baby urinates, blood from the bandage will be mixed in, thus there will be a pink coloring in the diaper. This is normal and not a cause for alarm.

If you aren't sure if what you are seeing constitutes significant bleeding, there are a few ways to handle the situation. You can call me or send me pictures via WhatsApp for a consult, which you are always welcome to do. I will most likely tell you to change the diaper, wait 15 minutes, and check again. If the bleeding has not remained consistent or increased, it's most likely not a cause for alarm.

02 After the Brit Milah, until the child is sleeping for the night, you must open the diaper once every hour to check for significant bleeding. There is a chance that the bandage can slip and bleeding could start again. If this does occur, please call me and I'll come and put on a new bandage. 

** If at any time there is significant bleeding and for some reason you can't get in touch with me, please take the baby to the hospital right away. 

03 The baby also needs to urinate regularly. If this is not happening, please be in contact with me. 


04 Each time you change the baby's diaper you need to change the gauze pad with Vaseline. When you check for bleeding once an hour, leave the gauze pad as is. If the gauze pad falls off in between diaper changes it is no cause for alarm.


05 There are times that the bandage falls off. If it does, and there is no bleeding, it is also not a cause for concern. Simply put on a new gauze pad lined with Vaseline and close it in the diaper. If there's a level of bleeding which is more than just a few drops please be in touch with me for a consult.

06 The baby can only be bathed 24 hours after the final* bandage is removed. Prior to that, as needed, clean the affected area with wet wipes. Keep in mind, urine is sterile and even if fecal matter comes into contact with the bandage, it will not reach the cut because of how many times the bandage is wrapped around. 

07 During the 24 hours after the bandage has been removed, if fecal matter comes in contact with the wound, simply wash him with warm water and soap under the faucet. 


08 When the time comes to bathe him, it is a good idea to submerge his penis in the water because, just like Vaseline, it aids in the healing process.


09 Please continue to use Vaseline lined gauze pads for a week after the Brit Milah. 


If you have any questions about any of this, please do not hesitate to be in touch.

• There is always some amount of bleeding when a bandage is removed. Sometimes the level of bleeding is such that a second bandage is required for an additional 24 hours. In this case, one must wait 24 hours after the second bandage is removed before bathing the child.