Rav Hayim Leiter

  Certified Mohel



The day of the Brit Milah
The day of the Brit Milah

On the day of the Brit, we'll need a collection of medical and ritual supplies. Please bring the following:

4 Disposable Diapers
Cloth Diapers (new)

1 Package of wet wipes

1 Bottle of baby oil (500 ml)
1 100 Pack of Gauze measuring 5X5 cm (behind the counter)

15 ml of Novimol (behind the counter)
1 New Container of Vaseline

1 Tube of Prilidan or Emla Cream* (behind the counter)
1 Bottle of Grape Juice
1 Kiddush Cup for the Brachot
1 Disposable cup for the baby’s grape juice

1 Pillow with cover

1 Baby Blanket
1 Pacifier (if your baby uses one)​

2 Tallitot

2 Kippot


--> Please make sure that anyone who has an honor has a mask

* Prilidan and Emla are numbing creams that tend to reduce the pain experienced by the baby. Please apply the cream to the entire penis (not just the foreskin) one hour before the brit is meant to start. In order that the cream will not re-absorb into the diaper, place a piece of saran wrap on top of the penis.  

** There are times that children can have an allergic reaction to these types of creams and that could push off the bris to the ninth day. To make sure that your child doesn't have a reaction to the cream, please apply a small amount to his arm the day before the brit milah and monitor the reaction. Provided there is none, follow the previous instructions for application on the day of the event. 

Clothing- Please dress the baby in an outfit that has pants that are separate from the shirt.  And the outfit should be long pants and a long shirt.